edition guillotine is proud to announce the publication of our FIRST EVER BOOK!


Irgendjemand liebt dich immer (There’s Always Someone Who Loves You) by Bruce La Mongo and Vera Brueggemann contains the text and drawings from their 2014 exhibition of the same name. Designed by Jana Topel and with an essay by British art historian, Chris Jones, Irgend Jemand Liebt Dich Immer is a catalogue of darkly humorous calls and responses between these Austrian and German artists. Each copy comes complete with a poster offering English translations of all the titles.


The paperback book contains 140 works and is now available to buy for €25 (plus postage and packing) exclusively via this site. Simply email us at if you are interested in purchasing a copy!





















We are proud to welcome you to the new website for edition guillotine!


edition guillotine is a brand new small, independent publisher, devoted to producing books and booklets by visual artists. Each publication will be of a small/limited print run and available exclusively through this site alone.


In addition we intend to regularly publish a booklet, twice-yearly, for around €10, highlighting the work of one or more artists published by edition guillotine.


 Our first full-size publication: Irgendjemand liebt dich immer (There’s Always Someone Who Loves You), by Bruce La Mongo (Austria) and Vera Brüggemann (Germany) will be made available later this month, so please visit us regularly here or on Facebook for updates on our latest books!